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Stray Dogs Register

We hold a register of all the stray dogs we handle within the borough. If you would like more information about an entry please contact Customer Services, using the reference number.

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 Abbey (27)
 Bobbing, Iwade And Lower Halstow (62)
 Borden And Grove Park (43)
 Boughton And Courtenay (38)
 Chalkwell (30)

 Davington Priory (8)
 East Downs (42)
 Grove Ward (8)
 Hartlip, Newington And Upchurch (75)
 Homewood (31)

 Kemsley (46)
 Leysdown & Warden (3)
 Milton Regis (65)
 Minster Cliffs (79)
 Murston (82)

 North Downs (8)
 Priory (34)
 Queenborough And Halfway (66)
 Roman (62)
 Sheerness (139)

 Sheerness West (12)
 Sheppey Central (91)
 Sheppey East (116)
 St Michaels (3)
 St. Ann's (17)

 Teynham And Lynsted (44)
 The Meads (19)
 Unknown (245)
 Watling (43)
 West Downs (31)

 Woodstock (17)


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Brown Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Date reported: 14 Mar 2017
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Reference: 17/503740/DCSTRA


Fawn Lurcher

Date reported: 08 Mar 2017
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Reference: 17/503472/DCSTRA


black/tan German Shepherd

Date reported: 23 Jan 2017
Age: Adult
Sex: Unknown
Outcome: Dog returned by public
Reference: 17/500875/DCSTRA


Beige Terrier

Date reported: 31 Jul 2016
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Reference: 16/511388/DCSTRA


Black Cocker Spaniel

Date reported: 09 Jun 2016
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Outcome: Returned by public
Reference: 16/507736/DCSTRA



Date reported: 13 Nov 2015
Age: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Reference: 15/515343/DCSTRA


Grey French Bulldog

Date reported: 06 Aug 2015
Age: Adult
Sex: Unknown
Outcome: Taken to kennels
Reference: 15/510698/DCSTRA


Tri Jack Russell

Date reported: 14 Mar 2015
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Outcome: Claimed
Reference: 15/503471/DCSTRA

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