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 Angling (7)
 Archery (5)
 Athletics (3)
 Badminton (8)

 Basketball (1)
 Baton Twirling (4)
 Bowls (36)
 Boxing (6)

 Cricket (23)
 Cycling (4)
 Fencing (1)
 Football (42)

 Golf (5)
 Hockey (4)
 Horse Riding (6)
 Martial Arts (8)

 Netball (1)
 Rugby (3)
 Squash (2)
 Swimming Clubs (3)

 Table Tennis (10)
 Tennis (3)
 Trampolining & Gymnastics (5)
 Water Sports (10)


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Eastern ABC

Contact Vince on 07940574074
Email address: None
Website: None



Contact Gary Spring on 01795555446
Email address:
Website: None



Contact Michael Seymour on 01227363029
Email address: None
Website: None


Sheerness ABC

Contact Steve Brum on 079054 32939
Email address:
Website: None


Rumbles Boxing Academy

Contact Charlie Rumble on 07885585555
Email address:
Website: None


Swale Gloves

Contact John Williams on 07932692703
Email address:

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