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 Angling (7)
 Archery (5)
 Athletics (3)
 Badminton (8)

 Basketball (1)
 Baton Twirling (4)
 Bowls (36)
 Boxing (6)

 Cricket (23)
 Cycling (4)
 Fencing (1)
 Football (42)

 Golf (5)
 Hockey (4)
 Horse Riding (6)
 Martial Arts (8)

 Netball (1)
 Rugby (3)
 Squash (2)
 Swimming Clubs (3)

 Table Tennis (10)
 Tennis (3)
 Trampolining & Gymnastics (5)
 Water Sports (10)


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Faversham Angling Club

Contact Nick Prior on 01795 590824
Email address:


Kemsley Angling Society

Contact Karen Groombridge on 07504440599
Email address:
Website: None


Blue Circle Sea Angling

Contact John Padmore on 01795 410525
Email address: None
Website: None


Kent Angling & Training Academy (KATA)

Contact Tony Oldes on 01795531147
Email address:
Website: None


Sheppey Crusaders

Contact Marion or Roy on 01795661760
Email address: None
Website: None


Sheerness Steel Sea Angling Club

Contact Paul Johnson on 01795871604
Email address: None


Sittingbourne Angling Club

Contact Martyn Rose on 01795 426883
Email address:

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