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Sheppey Crusaders - Sea Angling Club

Sheppey Crusaders

Author: The content on this page was created by sources from Sheppey Crusaders Sea Angling Club.

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Sheppey Crusaders Sea Angling Club was originally formed in the early seventies and was a successful local angling club with a very strong junior section, until unfortunately the club folded in the late eighties. However the club was reformed in 1999, with many of its original members, mostly juniors who have gone on to be seniors, and it is now once again a thriving local fishing club.

The membership currently stands at fifty seven, which includes men, women and children. We are friendly club whose members all share a passion for fishing and therefore have a very good turnout ratios for all our matches.

The club fishes two separate leagues, which will be explained later, with a total of twenty matches throughout the year, excluding the months July and August when we have a summer break. We have prizes at the end of the year for the first to third in each league, an overall winner of both leagues combined and the juniors receive prizes for the top four.

All club matches are fished for points which determine the league winners; however we only count the best six results out of ten. The juniors are only counted on the weekend league as many can not fish midweek matches due to school.

All club matches are fished to N.F.S.A. rules, with the addition of five specific club rules. All matches are local and are pegged. The club does however hold two away matches per year which are fished on Dover Breakwater. The cost of each match, excluding away matches, is £4.00, which includes a small raffle draw, plus optional pools of £2.00.

The Weekend League as it suggests consists of matches fished on either Saturday or Sunday. These matches and the results are determined by a traditional weigh-in at the end of the match. The pools for each weekend match are the greatest number of fish and sealed weight, which is paid out to the nearest weight.

The Midweek League consists of matches fished Monday to Friday. These are evening matches, which always end at 10pm, unless it is a Friday, when they sometimes end later. These matches differ from the weekend league as they are catch and release matches, fished for points, no weigh-in. This was done to conserve more fish. The pools for each midweek match are the greatest number of fish only.

The cost of club membership is an initial £15.00, followed by an annual subscription of £10.00. Juniors pay the initial joining fee but do not pay an annual subscription until they are sixteen years old.

If you would like to join the club or would like more information please contact our secretary Marion or our chairman Roy on (01795) 661760.

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