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Recycling - Blue Bin

So, what can go in the blue bin?

What can't go in the blue bin

If you are not sure which bin to put an item in, then put it in the green bin. This stops the risk of contaminating the contents of your blue recycling bin.

Do not place recyclable material in bags, and never in black sacks! Items going into the blue bin should go in loose. If your blue bin is full, please do not use black sacks for excess recyclable material. Place any excess recyclables in a recyclable cardboard box, for example. 

Please put bins out at the front edge of your property by 7.00am on the day of collection. Collection times may vary between green and blue bin weeks.

Textiles, electricals and batteries

We have kerbside textile collections which includes old clothing. We cannot take pillows or duvets. Textiles will be collected if placed in a carrier bag next to your blue bin on your recycling collection day. 

Don't worry about clothing not being in tip-top condition. All the materials can be used in some way, such as industrial wipes.

Small electrical items are collected in a carrier bag next to your green waste bin. 

Batteries can also be recycled by placing them in a carrier bag on top of your green bin.

Please don’t put textiles, electrical items or batteries inside your bins! See our new recycling collections page for further information on textiles, electrical items and batteries.

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