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Queenborough and Rushenden

Notice of adoption of the Queenborough and Rushenden Masterplan SPD

At its meeting on 18th November 2009 Swale Borough Council resolved to adopt the Queenborough and Rushenden Masterplan SPD. The Council adopted it on 12th November 2010. This now forms part of the Local Development Framework for Swale Borough Council.

This applies to the Queenborough and Rushenden area and is prepared pursuant to Policies AAP6 and MU5 and MU6 of the adopted Swale Borough Local Plan 2008.

The Adoption Statement is available to view.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the following files. Files open in a new browser window.

The adopted Masterplan comprises the following documents:

A) Volume 1: The Masterplan

Volume 1 is a large document. For ease of viewing it has been made available in sections.

B) Volume 2: Project Delivery

C) Supporting Volumes including:

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