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Recycling collections

Food waste collections

It really does make a difference

Over a year the average family throws away around £700 of food shopping. Some of the waste is made up of things like peelings, cores and bones, but the majority is, or once was, perfectly good food.

If we stopped wasting food that could have been eaten it would have the same impact as taking 1 in 4 cars off the road.

The weekly food waste recycling collection service makes the most of any food waste you do have by using it to create fertiliser.

A small 5 litre silver caddy, which can be kept in the kitchen and a larger 23 litre black and orange caddy with a lockable lid, which should be kept outdoors. Empty the silver caddy contents into your black and orange caddy, secure the lockable lid and put the black and orange caddy out every week alongside your blue or green bin.

Have a read of our refuse and recycling information leaflet for more details on your new food waste recycling, mixed recycling, garden waste recycling and general waste collection service.

Questions have also been answered in our food waste FAQ - we have provided as many answers as possible about this collection as we can.

Mixed recycling

The number of materials that can be put in your blue bin (or clear sack for those without blue bins), has increased.

Glass bottles and jars can now be placed directly into the blue bin or clear sack.

Other items that can now be put in with your recyclables include all plastic bottles including; milk, squash, fizzy drinks, washing up bottles, and plastic containers; such as margarine and ice-cream tubs, plastic meat trays, fruit punnets and yoghurt pots. Long life milk and juice cartons (Tetra-Pack) can also be included.

Place all recycling in your blue bin loose - no black sacks!

If you have any amount of excess recyclables that won't fit in your blue bin, place them alongside your blue bin in carrier bags, cardboard boxes or your black insert box if you want to. There is no need to use the separate black box insert. You can use this for your own use such as a storage box if you wish.

Remember to rinse the bottles and tubs before putting in your blue bin. View what other items can can also go in the blue bin.

Textile collections

Alongside your blue bin you can recycle your old clothes, shoes, sheets, curtains and towels. Even those that are no longer wearable. Not sure of how to put them out for collection? Follow these steps:

Don't put any clothes or textiles inside your bin! We are unable to collect pillows and duvets or any items with a filling in. Remember it's only one standard carrier bag per collection, if textiles are placed in to charity collection bags, it won't be collected. But feel free to continue to support your local charities by donating good quality items.   

Small electrical items

Alongside your green bin you can recycle small electrical items, such as radios, toasters, kettles hair dryers, food mixers, drills, laptops etc. Any item larger than a standard size carrier bag will not be collected. Not sure of how to put them out for collection? Follow these steps:

We cannot take any larger items as space is limited on the collection vehicle. For larger items view our bulky item collection page.


Also alongside your green bin we can recycle batteries. Simply place these in a tied up carrier bag and place on top of your green bin lid - not inside the bin! No car batteries. Only one carrier bag per collection for batteries.

Garden waste

The collection schedule for brown bins changed from Monday 6 January 2014. Brown bins will be collected every two weeks and this may be on a different day to your usual refuse / recycling collection day. For brown bin users, please refer to the letter recently received which details the new collection day. View our garden waste page for more information.
If you would like further details of the improvements email our project team.

Food waste FAQ

View our frequently asked questions about the new food waste collections.
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