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Latest Planning News

Keep up to date with the latest planning news in Swale. This page includes information about recent changes to legislation, our web pages and the latest services provided by Planning Services.

There are more planning news stories on the government's Planning Portal.

Seasalter CPO - Whitstable Bay Estate

Swale Borough Council, Canterbury City Council, Natural England and the RSPB are working together to create a new nature reserve on Seasalter Levels.

The final stage of the strategy to acquire the land is the confirmation and implementation of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO). Canterbury City Council is undertaking the CPO with the RSPB funding it. Further information on the project and details of the CPO are now available.

Consultation on our Issues and Options: Gypsy and Traveller Allocations document

The consultation period for this document will run from 24 February - 25 April 2014. View our Gypsy and Traveller site consultation page to view the document and make comments.

Changes to Planning Services

From June 2014 the planning departments across Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells Borough Councils will be undergoing significant changes to their ICT systems and support services (Administration, Land Charges, Scanning, Validation and Technical Teams).

This means there will be changes to our website in the coming months, as well as changes to forms, letters and methods of communication where we will be driving towards more electronic access in line with the Government’s e-planning agenda.

This will result in reduced cost and increased efficiency of planning services across the three boroughs. This will also involve reviewing our reception and duty officer services. Planning services will still remain fully accessible and we will be undertaking direct consultation with groups that will be significantly impacted by these changes. An Equalities Impact Needs Assessment for these changes has been carried out.

We thank you for your patience as we improve our services.

Non-material amendments

A new Planning Portal online form is due early March 2014. The change is part of a wider package of work by the Planning Portal service to enhance the 1APP application service.

Planning Application Fees and Appeals Procedures


View our page on types of applications and fees to find out more information including types of application, fees and to apply online. View the amendments to some regulations on planning application fees and appeal procedures.

For further help and advice contact our duty officer on 01795 417442 or by email.

Pre Application Planning Advice

We ensure that future planning applications are well prepared and have the appropriate information and plans, the council is improving its pre- application service. This service will enable us to become more actively involved in planning applications at an early stage. This will help improve the quality of design, encourage greater public consultation and enable the council to process pre application enquiries and subsequent planning applications more quickly (for details see the Pre-Application Advice page).

Land at Iwade Road, Newington - Planning matters

We are aware of a breach of planning control at this site, amounting to the laying of crushed concrete, and are acutely aware of the sensitivities of local residents to potential development here.

Whilst we cannot prejudice our consideration of a future application covering the development carried out, and any other development which might be proposed, we anticipate that the following information may prove useful to local residents and interested parties.

Planning Maps

Our, Planning Maps page shows:


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