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Land charges - search fees

Service updates

Search Submissions

From 12 October 2016, full searches can be emailed to us.

You'll need to make payment at the same time. You can pay for a:


HMRC have said that VAT will be charged on CON29 search fees starting 31 March 2017. Please review our fee pages for more information. Any searches received on 31 March that do not have the correct fee will be returned to the Solicitor or Agent.

New Forms

On 4 July 2016 new LLC1 and CON29 forms were published. You can buy them from the Oyez Store website. The CON29 form includes some additional questions about things like the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and assets of community value.  You need to submit your searches on the new forms or they will be returned.

Online Portal

We're currently building a new portal for people to submit, pay and receive searches online. This should be up and running in 2017.

Local Land Charges - full search fees

Residential Commercial
Products VAT Price ex-VAT Price inc VAT Price ex-VAT Price inc VAT
LLC1 No £36.30 n/a £36.30 n/a
CON29 Yes £84.20 £101.04 £99.70 £119.64
LLC1 and CON29 Part £120.50 £137.34 £136 £155.94
CON29O - Optional Enquiries (Exc Q22) Yes £16 £19.20 £16 £19.20
CON290 - Optional Q22 Yes £24 £28.80 £24 £28.80
Additional questions Yes £21 £25.20 £21 £25.20
Extra parcels - Full search Yes £12 £14.40 £12 £14.40
Extra parcels - Con 29 only Yes £9 £10.80 £9 £10.80

Extra Parcel fee on LLC1 only is £3 for both commercial and residential (no VAT is applicable).

Swale Personal

Question number
Description Price ex VAT
Price inc VAT
1.1 (a-j)
Planning decisions and applications
 £4.00  £4.80
1.1 (j-l) 3.7A, 3.8
Building control decisions
 £5.00  £6.00

Contact Land charge services by email or phone 01622 602251.

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