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Events - Placing of Decoration over the highway

If you wish to place banners, cables, decorative lighting and/or bunting over the highway, then you will need to obtain a licence permit from Kent Highway Services.

Placing of Banners, Cables, Decorative Lighting or Bunting over the highway

How do I apply for permission?

You will need to request you application pack from Kent Highway Services:

Kent Highway Services
East Central and South East
Ashford Highway Depot
Henwood Industrial Estate
Javelin Way
TN24 8AD
Fax: 01233 648318
Call: 0300 333 5539

Your pack will contain:

An example of the application paperwork can be downloaded here.

Is there a charge?

No. There is currently no charge for processing an application.

Once the completed application form has been assessed, Kent Highway Services will notify you of their decision.

If your request is agreed, it will need to comply with the following conditions:

  1. The applicant to negotiate and secure all necessary wayleaves or consents from owners of properties from which it is proposed to hang the banner/cables/decorative lighting or bunting.
  2. The banners/cables/decorative lighting or bunting together with any necessary poles, supporting wires, struts, stays or other incidental apparatus required in connection with the event (referred to as the said works) are to be erected, maintained in position and subsequently removed by a component contractor or other company working on behalf of the applicant.
  3. The applicant is to ensure that the mounting points for the banner/cables/decorative lighting or bunting are fully fit and secure for the purpose intended and will be responsible for arranging testing and certification of the mounting points from a specialist contractor. The results from such tests are to be sent to the relevant Kent Highway Services Office, as stated on the covering letter.
  4. Erection of decorative lighting, fixing of cables and electrical connections to lighting columns can only be done with the approval of our street lighting staff. Our staff may require structural testing of any lighting columns to be arranged by the applicant, in order to determine whether it will safely carry the imposed loads. The full cost of structural testing will be paid for by the applicant.
  5. Electrical connection work in lighting columns or highway feeder pillars for decorative lights will ordinarily be carried out by Kent Highway Services street lighting contractor, who will ensure the connections are made safely at the correct points. There will be a charge for any work we arrange and/or supervise in this respect. Alternatively, the electrical connection can be carried out by another party, but only if approved by the KHS Engineer.
  6. Because the energy used for decorative lighting will come from the mains supply, the person or company arranging the decorative lighting will need to enter into an agreement with EDF, the regional electricity supplier and payment for energy used will have to be made to them.
  7. The Kent County Council (KCC) is to be indemnified at all times from and against all actions, suits, proceedings, losses, damages, charges, costs, expenses, claims and demands arising out of, or in any way incidental to, the said works, their maintenance and use. £5 Million public liability insurance is required and proof of this has to be sent to the relevant Kent Highway Services Office, as stated on the covering letter, prior to works commencing.
  8. The content and siting of the banner/cables/decorative lighting or bunting is to be agreed with the relevant Kent Highway Services Office, as stated on the covering letter prior to works commencing.
  9. The banner/cables/decorative lighting or bunting is to be sited to give a clearance of not less than 5.5m above the carriageway so as not to be a source of obstruction, danger or inconvenience to users of the highway and, until removed, to be maintained in good repair and condition free from defects.
  10. The banner/cables/decorative lighting or bunting is to give minimal resistance to winds thereby avoiding a sail effect.
  11. The banners/cables/decorative lighting or bunting is to be taken down immediately after the event is over.
  12. The highway authority may remove any banner/cables/decorative lighting or bunting and take steps to recover its costs in so doing if any of these conditions are not complied with.

Please note that the completed form should not be returned to Kent Highway Services, but should be sent to:

Angela Lynch
Swale Borough Council,
Swale House,
East Street,
Kent ME10 3HT.
Email: Angela Lynch
Call: (01795) 417212

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