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Health and Safety

We are the enforcing authority for health, safety and welfare at work. The Health and Safety Executive are the enforcing authority for other workplaces e.g. construction, agriculture, education and manufacturing. We want to ensure that all businesses in Swale have adequate Health and Safety measures in place.

Aims of the Service

We deal with premises such as retail shops, warehouses, leisure facilities, care homes and offices. The Health and Safety Executive are responsible for larger work premises such as construction sites, railways factories and mines.

Our main health and safety aims are to:

  1. Protect the health, safety and welfare of people at work
  2. Safeguard others, including members of the public, who may be exposed to risks from the way work is carried out
  3. Carry out enforcement of health and safety law to promote a thriving local economy and a fair and safe trading environment

This is achieved by Inspections of workplaces and by advising businesses and members of the public about health and safety. We respond to complaints about working conditions and also investigate accidents at work.

Reporting Accidents

The service is carried out in accordance with the government Enforcement Concordat and Enforcement Policy which commits the council to enforcement in a targeted, transparent, proportional and consistent way.

Certain accidents at work have to be reported to the appropriate enforcing authority via the Incident Contact Centre, at the address below:

This is only to be used for deaths and major incidents. All other accidents should use the online report form.

For more information please contact the Environmental Health Team.

Health and Safety Made Simple

HSE's new publication aimed at businesses who want basic information on how to comply with their health and safety duties.

Introduction to Health and Safety

Download the Health and Safety Executives 'Introduction to Health and Safety' PDF.
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