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Fees for Harbour, Allotments and Playing Fields

Fees and Charges for Queenborough Harbour, Allotment sites, and Playing Fields and Open Spaces

Please note: Card or cheque payments only. Cash is not acceptable.

If you have any queries regarding these fees and charges please call 01795 417529.

Playing Fields and Open Spaces

All fees payable in advance.

Sports Pitches

Football and Rugby per Game - inclusive of VAT.

ServiceCharge 2014/15 (£)Charge 2014/15(£)Charge 2014/15 (£)
  Senior Under 18's Under 16's /
Mini Soccer
With changing facilities and showers 65.00 19.00 13.50
With changing facilities only 52.50 16.00 12.50
With no facilities 33.00 14.00 8.50


Harbour (Queenborough) - inclusive of VAT

ServiceCharge 2014/15 (£)

Queenborough Town Quay Berths

Registered fishing vessels - per annum


Licence for Pleasure Boats 135.00

All other moorings transferred to Queenborough Harbour Trust, for information and bookings please call 01795 662051.

NB: Mooring fees adjusted to be divisible by the appropriate number of months to maintain equal payments on a pro rata basis.

Allotments - Non Vatable

ServiceCharge 2014/15 (£)
Plots of 10 rods 33.00
Plots of 10 rods (OAP's / Disabled) 15.70

Travelling Fairs/Fetes - Non-Vatable

ServiceCharge 2014/15 (£)
Pitch premium for 'open days' per day 749.00
On site fee including arrival and departure days 54.00
Refundable deposit 600.00
Fetes 50.00
Refundable deposit 62.00

Other Services

ServiceCharge 2014/15(£)
Access over Open Space Licence 63.00

Administer access i.e. public liability etc.

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