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Fly Tipping

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The Problem

We are working alongside the Environment Agency on clamping down to try and reduce the amount of fly tipping in the Swale area.

Fly tipping is a scourge on the Kent countryside. It costs local authorities and the Environment Agency millions of pounds every year in clean up costs - money that could be put to much better use.

Anyone who creates waste has a duty of care to ensure that it is disposed of in an appropriate manner. This is just one example of how key partners are working together to educate, and advise householders and businesses of their responsibilities. By tackling the problem at source we will create a cleaner Kent

Builders and householders need to realise that waste is their responsibility and that they must use registered waste carriers to dispose of waste. If they don't, and their waste is fly tipped, they could face a court appearance and fines of up to £5,000 - just for trusting the wrong person with their waste. If we cut out the waste available to fly tippers, we can put them out of business.

If a waste carrier is legal, they will be registered with the Environment Agency. To check your waste carrier contact 08708 506506 (ask your carrier for their waste-carrier registration number) and request an instant waste carrier validation check. Or you can check on their website: Environment Agency. Tradesman and Waste Carriers who wish to become licensed waste carriers must register with the Environment Agency. The following video created by Recycling for Suffolk provides some useful tips on how to prevent fly tipping.

Cameras installed in Sheerness to tackle fly tipping

We has installed the first of two ‘roving cameras’ in Sheerness in a bid to tackle fly tipping in Sheerness.

The cameras will have the capability to be moved to target areas that have been highlighted as ‘hot spots’ for fly tipping, littering and dog fouling. Statistics show that a large number of fly tipping incidents take place in the Marine Town area resulting in the cameras being used in this area for the first time. The first camera has been installed at Unity Street (with the Junction of Jefferson Road). It will stay in this area as a deterrent to combat any form of anti-social behaviour.

Swale Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Rural Affairs, Councillor David Simmons said: “There is no excuse to illegally dump rubbish when there are easy collection options and local dump sites available. These cameras will help to prevent this which type of behaviour which can have a tremendous impact on our communities. We are confident that these cameras will help us to reduce those issues that residents have asked us to tackle. This shows our continuing commitment to help make Swale a better place.”

The cameras have been primarily paid for through fixed penalty revenues for littering and fly tipping. Anyone found dumping waste in the alleyways will be investigated and they could receive a heavy fine.

On 19 June 2013, council environment wardens spent 90 minutes clearing dog mess in Sheerness. 314 bags were collected, 75% of which was cleared from the alleyways in Sheerness.

Anyone caught not cleaning up after their dogs, could face a fixed penalty charge of £80.00.

If you would like to report a case of fly tipping within Swale, please call us on  01795 417850.

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