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Financial Standing Orders and Regulations

To meet legal requirements we need to have a set of regulations to guide and assist both Council members and staff. All staff have a duty to comply with Financial Standing Orders and Regulations.

Financial Standing Orders

These orders set the main principles of financial control and the document is available to download.

A specific set of Financial Standing Orders relating to Contracts are provided in the separate 'Contract Standing Orders' document and supporting 'Purchasing Guide'.

Contract Standing Orders

Our purchasing decisions and processes are important because they involve public money. The purpose of these Contract Standing Orders is to give a structure where purchasing decisions are made and carried out. This makes sure we use our resources efficiently, openly and honestly. The Contract Standing Orders document is available to download.

The Purchasing Guide

The purchasing guide (Version 3) provides practical guidance on how the Contract Standing Orders apply to purchasing decisions and processes. It explains some of the more technical and legal issues involved in procurement.

The Purchasing guide should be used when purchasing on behalf of the council and will be reviewed and changed when needed, usually on an annual basis.

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