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Running an Event in Swale

Are you looking to run an event in Swale? Find advice on how to do it with our helpful advice and the requirements for doing it.

If you are running an event in Swale please go to the Visit Swale website to find out how we can help promote it online.

Events - and the Police

You must notify the Police of any public event by completing the Event Notification Form.

Guide for Event Organisers

View our guide to arranging an event.

Events - Guidance on Accessibility

There is a legal requirement to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people to access meetings and events.

Events - Licensing Requirements

There are a number of application forms that you will need to completed if you wish to sell alcohol at a public event.

Events - Placing of Decoration over the highway

Information on what to do if you wish to place banners, cables, decorative lighting and/or bunting over the highway.

Events - Affecting the Highway

Do you need permission to hold an event on the highway, how much does it cost and what about Public Liability?
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