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Environmental Protection Team

Situated in the Environmental Services Department, this Team is proactive and deal with a wide variety of environmental problems.....

Contaminated Land

Development of an inspection programme and historic records review in relation to potentially contaminated sites that may affect drinking water, homes, horticulture and agriculture. View Contaminated Land page

Air Quality

Review and assessment of air quality across the Borough to achieve compliance with the Air Quality Objectives. The promotion of air pollution awareness and education in partnership with the other Kent Authorities. There are two air monitoring stations and 33 passive tube sites. View the Air Quality page

Industrial Pollution Control / Pollution Prevention Control

The regulating of specified industrial processes and installations by the issuing of permits, with conditions, to control all emissions to air, land and water from A(2) processes and installations and to air from Part B processes and installations. 56 premises currently have a total of 60 permits. View the Pollution Prevention Control page

Statutory Nuisance

Provides an in-depth investigation and advice service to residents and businesses covering complaints about commercial premises in relation to noise, smoke, odour and other nuisances defined by statute, working in close liaison with other Teams and agencies. View the Statutory Nuisance page

For more information on Noise, please view our Noise Pollution Guidelines.

Planning Applications

Assessing the environmental impacts of applications for planning permission.

Licensed Premises

Assessing the environmental impacts of applications through their "operating schedule" and previous complaints involving licensed premises, to prevent the occurrence of public nuisance.

How to contact us:

Contact our Customer Services Team.

Monday to Thursday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm and Friday 9.00 am - 4.30 pm.

Write to:

Environmental Protection Team
Swale House
East Street
ME10 3HT

Noise and other nuisance complaints with respect to domestic and non commercial premises, are investigated by the Environmental Response Team. Contact the Customer Services Team.

Waste and Recycling issues are dealt with by the Waste Team.

Health and Safety and Food Hygiene issues are dealt with by the Commercial Team.

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