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Development Management
The Development Control Section offers advice and guidance on development proposals and the processing of planning applications.

Development Advice and Guidance

Development Management

The Development Management Section offers advice and guidance on development proposals and the processing of planning applications.

This is the process of determining planning applications submitted to the Council. It aims to ensure that development in the Borough is in accordance with the Local Plan and is carried out in the best interests of the public and the area generally. Our Development Control Charter can be viewed here.

The development control function is split for administrative purposes into two Area Teams dealing broadly with Faversham and Sheppey and Sittingbourne and the surrounding area respectively. A third team deals with major projects for all areas of the Borough.

See a MAP showing the new areas.

You may view valid planning applications submitted since 1 July 2003 and monitor their progress via our partnership with the UK Planning website. You may submit any observations on any application via the website.

Swale Borough Council is working with the Planning Portal to provide comprehensive information and advice about the planning system. It is also now possible for you to complete a planning application to this Authority using the Planning Portal application forms.

The following links will take you to specific areas of the Planning Portal:

  • Planning Portal - General Public - Home Page: You can use the tools and information on this site to find out about planning in your area and what development you can perform around your house.
  • Planning Portal - a guide to applying for planning permission: This section gives general guidance about the kinds of work for which you need to apply for planning permission and those for which you do not.
  • Planning Portal - making a planning application: The step-by-step process will guide you through the application form and help you with calculations, such as the fee required. The forms may then be printed and sent to the Council along with any supporting documentation. Swale Borough Council now accepts electronic submission of planning applications which allows the completion of forms on-line with the attachment of drawings and plans; fees may be paid either by sending a cheque or by credit/debit cards via the telephone. Payment of fees online via the planning portal is also now available.


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