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Business Rates (NNDR)

Non-Domestic Rates (sometimes referred to as Business Rates) are an important part of the financing of Local Government. The present system was brought into effect from April 1990 and replaced the old General Rating system that applied to both domestic and non-domestic properties alike.

If your business is moving into the borough you will need to let us know you details using our online form.

Ways to pay Business Rates

You can pay your rates online, over the phone or by using a debit or credit card

Online and Phone

You can pay your Business Rates using our secure online service. Or you can contact our Customer Services team for more information or if you wish to pay over the phone.

Direct Debit and Standing Orders

You can also pay by PayPoint card by calling 01795 417283, or by Direct Debit or Standing Order.

Rate Relief

Small Business Rate Relief

To apply for the Small Business Rates Relief scheme please download and complete one of the following forms.

Charitable Relief

If you are a registered charity, non-profit making organisation or a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASCs) you are able to claim business rates relief.

Rural Rate Relief

Certain rural properties may be entitled to claim rural rates relief. The types of business which can claim this benefit are for example the only general store, post office, pub or petrol station in a village with less than 3,000 people. Other ruralĀ  business may be entitled as long as that business is the only one of its type and there is no other business with a similar service within 4km.

Hardship Relief

We have the power to reduce or remit payment of business rates on grounds of hardship. We need to be satisfied that rate payers would suffer hardship if a reduction or remission were not given. Each individual case will be considered on its own merits taking into account the interests of Swale council tax payers as they meet part of the cost.

Empty Property Rates

Non-domestic properties are exempt for the first three months that they are empty and unoccupied. After the first three-months, no extra reduction is given and Business Rates will be charged at 100%.

Industrial properties including factories, stores and warehouses, will be exempt for the first six months that they are empty and unoccupied, before being charged Business Rates at the full 100%.

Certain types of property are exempt from paying empty property rates, these include; listed buildings, land and properties where the owners have gone into liquidation or administration.

The legislation about empty rate has changed for the financial year starting on the 1 April 2011. The rateable value threshold below which empty properties are exempt from rates will revert to £2,600.

Valuation list

If you have a query about your valuation visit the Valuation Office website.

More Information

Business Rates FAQ

View the frequently asked questions about Business Rates (NNDR).

Business Rates Relief

Are there any ways I can get a reduction in my business rates bill?

Additional Information

View the Business Rates 2014 to 2015 Explanatory Notes.

NNDR Announcements

On the 5 December 2013 the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a package of business rate measures.

Taking Control of Goods Regulations

Enforcement of Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates.

Discretionary Rate Relief Policy

Read the guidelines set for the factors that should be considered when making a decision to award or refuse relief.
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