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Residents' complaints lead to bench removal

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Monday 19 June

Taking action to tackle antisocial behaviour

A bench blighted by street drinkers in Sittingbourne has been removed at the request of local residents.

Local people had complained about street drinkers’ drunken rowdy behaviour around the bench in the memorial garden on West Lane.

After speaking to residents and visiting the site, the Community Safety Partnership – made up of Swale Borough Council, the police and other local agencies - decided that the bench should be removed to deter the groups who congregated in the area.

Cllr Alan Horton, cabinet member for safer families and communities at the council, said:

"Local residents were sick of the noise, mess and disruptive behaviour of a small number of people who thought this was a suitable place to meet up and drink.

"The police had tried to get them to improve their behaviour, but they kept coming back, so we decided to remove the bench to give residents some respite from their anti-social behaviour.

"We don’t mind people having a responsible drink, especially now the summer is arriving and people want to get out and enjoy themselves. But people need to drink responsibly and think about how their behaviour impacts on others.

"If they don’t, we’ll work with our partners like the police to take action to make sure local people feel safe both in their homes and on the borough’s streets.

Anyone suffering from anti-social behaviour should report it to the police by calling 101.

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