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Pavement steam clean

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Tuesday 18 July

Intensive clean to tackle gum menace

Pavements on Sittingbourne High Street will soon be clear of unsightly chewing gum and grime thanks to a powerful deep clean.

Swale Borough Council has started an intensive deep-clean treatment to target chewing gum along the high streets of the borough’s main towns.

Workers will be tackling Sittingbourne’s paving using steam cleaners to get rid of the old gum and the oily stains that are left behind, without damaging the paving.

Cllr David Simmons, cabinet member for environment and rural affairs at the council, said:

"We want our town centres to look their best, and we work hard to keep the bins empty and pick up litter to provide a pleasant environment for shoppers and visitors.

"Unfortunately, this can’t easily deal with that plague of our pavements - chewing gum - which is difficult and expensive to remove, and requires us to bring in specialist equipment.

"The results so far look good, and it will make a real difference to these high streets, but if we want to keep the streets looking good people need to dispose of their gum properly.

"Some people may not think of it as litter, but it clearly is, and if we catch someone dropping it, they face having to pay a fixed penalty notice of £80."

The team has already carried out a clean in Faversham, and will move on to Sheerness once the Sittingbourne work is complete.

The work is taking place overnight to minimise disruption for shoppers and businesses.

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